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chris_moran_evergreenautomation.com_baton_rouge-223x300Those who know me best would describe me as a serial entrepreneur, “customer getter”, and innovator who is always working, learning and innovating.

I’m Chris Moran, was born and raised in Louisiana. I reside in Baton Rouge from where I run a network online businesses including EvergreenAutomation.com.

Since the day I got out of high school (a miracle in itself, but more on that later) I’ve never worked for anyone other than myself.

I put myself through Louisiana State University (LSU) buying old houses, fixing them up and flipping them. I was only 17 years old at the time I bought my first house. I bought and sold lots and lots of houses and eventually was able to have enough capital to become a developer and builder. I developed and built everything from homes, apartments, condos, office buildings, neighborhoods, and even a WalMart.

Then the real estate crash of the late 80’s came along (I know, I’m dating myself). When that happened everything came crashing down around me, as it did for everyone else in the industry.

But, all was not lost. You see, I accidentally had an amazing “Plan B” in place and I didn’t even know it.

It was a strange twist of fate…

This “Plan B” saved the day and paved the way for tremendous successes and growth in my life.

You see, it was 1986 when I purchased my first computer. Now, this was at a time when no one owned computers. But, I was fascinated by them. I wanted to develop software for my real estate and construction businesses. Virtually nothing of the sort existed and I could envision how software could be used to automate and simplify so much in my very numbers and detail oriented business of development, construction and property management.

So, I went to the Computer Sciences department at LSU and found a grad student who could do the programming for me. The first round of programming cost $10,000, which was a huge amount of money to pay for something most people could not even comprehend. But, it proved to be the best $10,000 I ever spent.

It wasn’t the best $10,000 I ever spent because of what it did for my business. Sure, that was an amazing transformation and it gave me something no one else in my industry had.                   Click Here To Continue >>


Chris Moran, CEO EvergreenAutomation.com, Baton Rouge LA
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